About Charge Media Adventures

Charge Media Adventures is the outfitter division of Charge Media Partners—a strategic marketing and design communications firm that provides a broad range of services to the outdoor industry, including advertising and marketing, brand consulting, graphic design, packaging, web development, and identity creation.

The Charge Media Adventures mission is to: provide full-service outfitted adventures to both outdoor industry and individual clients provide rich outdoor experiences that incorporate traditional guided and outfitted adventure expectations while meeting the goals and objectives of our outdoor industry and individual clients

Our team consists of brand-level photographers, videographers, writers, marketing professionals, as well as experienced guides and outfitting personnel whose personal goals are to achieve and exceed the expectations of our corporate and private clientele.

In short, we are committed to giving you the most unique and rewarding outdoor adventure possible.

Where Big Sky, Big Adventures, and Big Brands Come Together

Whether the outdoors is your profession or your passion, the wild country is the great equalizer of adventure-seekers and gear. That’s what Charge Media Adventures is all about—bringing top outdoor brands and passionate outdoors enthusiasts together under one tent (literally!) to test man and metal in the Montana and South Dakota wilds.

Our elk, deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting camps, as well as our fishing, camping, and river adventures offer unique experiences for both outdoor industry brands and individuals.

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